I think of these pieces as miniature paintings and have a whole palette of colors that I mix and blend.  I love the endless combinations of colors and firing techniques that I am continually discovering.  I incorporate organic and geometric shapes that I have cut, filed and cleaned by hand out of copper.  the result is a one of a kind piece of jewelry where my skillful use of color and unique designs are appreciated.  Some of my inspirations come from studying the works of Renee Lalique and other jewelers from the Art Nouveau movement.  I also am very drawn to the painters and illustrators of that period such as Alphons Mucha.  Designs from nature were an integral part of art made during that period and I am very interested in these themes.
Enameling is an art form where ground glass is applied onto metal and fired in a kiln.  This ancient art dates back as far as 300 B.C.E. and involves many different techniques such as cloisonne.  Based on the French word cloisonne (compartments), cloisonne wire is formed to create patterns that will then be filled in with enamel.  The colored enamel is layered and fired several times, polished, and then finished.  This process is very labor intensive and each piece takes many hours to complete.  All the metalwork, such as bezel and bail, are hand crafted with the exception of the chain and ear wires.  I use only sterling silver.  Some of the pendants include stones or beads.